Technologies we love for practical parenting


According to What's Going on in There and Einstein Never Used Flashcards, the very best toy for the development of a child's mind is wood blocks - no technology needed.  But balancing the requirements of work, family and activities is tricky and thankfully there are great technologies that have emerged that let us focus on parenting - and hopefully give us more time to be with the kids.

My top ten favorite enabling technologies for parenting (see them all here in their screen shot glory):

  1. Teacher Emails - thank you so much.
  2. TiVo - control what they watch and eliminate exposure to advertising and violence until they are old enough to understand both.
  3. PurpleTie - laundry and dry cleaning picked up and delivered with online scheduling and billing.
  4. Online registration and schedulinging - makes parent-teacher conference planning a breeze.
  5. - discounted Pampers, Huggies and the works.  Cheaper than Costco.  Free shipping. Delivered to your house.  Wish it started when I had my first child.
  6. iPhone - great device, innovative in-line distraction for kids. 
  7. Online banking - bill pay, direct deposit + ATM = bank on my time
  8. Kayak.comExpedia Fare Tracker and - find flights and competitive fares - moving a family ain't cheap.
  9. NetFlix and Portable Movie Players - movies in your mailbox.  No late fees. 
  10. Facebook