The best educational toy for toddlers

Disney is offering exchanges for books and CDs for people who bought Baby Einstein DVDs from June 5, 2004 and September 4, 2009 as educational aids.  Because they aren't educational at all - and studies show that children under 2 who watch DVDs (any DVDs) have a smaller vocabulary than their peers. I remember when these were "all the rage".  Besides the fact that the music and the imagery made me a bit batty, I found research where the logic was so rational and obvious that I was sure these were not good for kids.
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Marvelous Marbles

We are the proud owners of an Imaginarium Deluxe Marble Race. Tonight, my boys (and the girl, although not directly) asked me to help them build a big Marble Race,following the plans in the instructions.

We built it and as we were doing it, Benjamin pointed out things that he thought wouldn't work. But we kept building. When it was done, we tested it - and a few things didn't work right. They were the ones he mentioned during construction.

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