Jack in the Box and other problems

Children push limits and personally, I'm very glad that they do.  Learning that it's safe to push limits encourages children to explore and experiment.  The catch is that they have to learn where the actual limit is - especially if it has to do with their safety and health.  One limit every child likes to push is waking up in the middle of the night to engage Mom and/or Dad.
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Bunking for desks

Last November, we bought new dining room chairs and unintentionally ordered two desks for the boys. Since we never confirmed the order, the House of Values has graciously been storing them until we are ready for desks.  Our boys share a bedroom and desks require that we re-bunk their beds.  For a host of reasons (accidents, night terrors, laziness), we hadn't rebunked.

They're both going to have homework this year.  It's not clear that either of them have the discipline yet to sit at their own desk and focus on their homework without parental/au pair supervision.

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The many virtues of sleep

It's shocking how virtually all of the behavioral challenges of my kids (and myself) can all be attributed to lack of sleep. Although we practice Judaism in the home, we are true disciples of sleep. Meaning that we run our lives so that our kids are in jammies by 7:00 and asleep by 7:30. Except for the baby, who is 11 weeks old and isn't yet on the program. That would be nice...

Sleep is the key to happy children who role with the punches.

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