Great back to school bargains from Parenting

Parenting published a gallery of 25 money'saving products for Moms (and Dads).  The sure shoe-laces got special kudos on Twitter today - and I'll be buying those for our boys who seem to shred shoelaces weekly.

My thoughts on the others (there are 10 comment-worthy products):

  1. The shoe-laces are a must buy and I'll be doing that today.
  2. Re-usable cloths to wipe up are generally a very good idea - ecologically and financially
  3. Flashcards, except for multiplication tables, are pretty much unnecessary.  Read to your child and encourage your child to read - that's what the experts say helps develop language abilities.  Special needs children may have special needs - but most kids are fine with just reading.
  4. Love the water week bottles - again ecological and financially sound.  Look fun too!
  5. Chalk-a-doodle placemat seems intriguing...would like to try one and see if it makes a mess.
  6. Snack bags - these will get lost at school.  Don't bother.
  7. Lunch bags - go to Costco and get their lunch bags - includes a BPA-free water bottle and are the right size and shape for lots of healthy food.
  8. The alarm clocks are very cute - and teach them to tell time without a digital assistant.
  9. Cleatskins - seriously?  I don't think my kids should wear their cleats at school - even with skins - because they don't have the same support as a running shoe and, if the skins come off, OUCH.
  10. Inchworm sneakers look very cool.

Please send along any back to school practical bargains - I'd love to see comments and add to the list.