Dumping the junk

I received a terrific volume of suggestions for how to donate the toys in good shape that my children have outgrown - thank you!  But I still have a problem...there are toys that are not in good shape and need to be thrown away.  Option one, throw them in the trash.  This is so 1970, right?  But the trash will take them and put them in a landfill.  My great-grandchildren will be able to excavate them since plastic doesn't break down.

I just want to find a way to recycle them.  Not donate - they're not worthy.

When I realized I had 15 pairs of beat-up children's shoes, I kept them in a box in my trunk for 3 months intending to mail them to Nike so that they would become the ground cover for playgrounds.  After three months, they were still in my trunk.  So I was so happy when I went to Roadrunner shoes, got fit for swank running shoes and saw the recycle sneakers box.  Elation and joy!  15 pairs of shoes recycled.

I can recycle our broken electronics.  I want to recycle our broken toys.  Here I am with toys filling my house...we have asked grandparents and family to give memories over toys.  I don't want to throw these items in the trash - I want to recycle them responsibly. 

Where can I drop off, mail or otherwise get rid of broken toys without filling landfills?