Recycling Advice Needed

I'm stumped.  I have three or four bags of baby toys and other toddler toys that are in reasonably good shape. These bags have set down roots in my house because I don't know where to responsibly get rid of them.  They are made of plastic and wood.  They should not be in the trash and in a landfill - but I don't know how to get rid of them. What have you found that works? I've tried: 

  • Goodwill - doesn't take toys.  Safety issues.
  • Shelter Network - has enough toys - out of space to store all the donations.
  • Toys for Tots - only new toys.  After all, these are for holiday presents.
  • Allied Waste - doesn't recycle hard plastic or wood toys.  Frustrating because my husband's old company made railroad ties out of recycled toys (and other recycled plastic, fiberglass and rubber) - so someone is taking them and recycling them - just not here.
  • eBay - I don't want to sell and ship them.  
  • The pre-school/daycare - they have enough (overflowing actually).
  • Our housekeeper and her neighbors - they are full on toys too.




I want to do the responsible thing - we teach our children to both donate and recycle.  I want to drop off the bags and have the toys either used or recycled.  I've searched for solutions online - perhaps I just missed something obvious.  I'm open to suggestion - we'll even go through the bags and do a sort.  

If you have the solution in the Bay Area - please send over a comment as these bags just have to go.