Anti-Anti-Bacterials – Please don’t sanitize my kids

Walking into lego camp, the first thing the counselors did was ask my son to spritz his hands with a hand sanitizer because there are campers with food allergies and we have to be careful. No doubt – I don’t want to risk any child’s health. That said, I asked that my son be told to wash his hands in the bathroom to prevent contamination because santizers are bad for you. Obviously – if there is no running water, by all means, use an anti-bacterial gel or foam (but if their hands dry within 10-15 need to use more).

But for allergies – that’s not going to help

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Children and dogs or when I learned my two year old can walk the dog

Our dog, Doida, is a spritely 11 year old who wasn't all that happy when we brought home the first baby and only becaming marginally more resigned over the years. Apparently the demotion from baby to dog was very hard to take. The first word for all three of our children - Doida. No Dada or Mama here - just a very clear Doida. Often followed by "No". For a long while, all dogs were Doida - until they realized that was her name.

Years ago, we watched a young boy of about 6 run with Doida, who was then 6 months, across a soccer field non-stop for 2 hours.
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