Green and on the go with Resqueeze

I find empty squeezable applesauce packages all over my house.  It’s a healthy snack, which I like, but not a very green one with the ratio of waste to consumable content. One would think that it’s not very hard to use a spoon and a bowl – but convenience is king and since we buy the packages, they eat them. 

A few months ago, a local company approached me about their new packaging for children’s food.  It is a San Francisco, mom-trepreneurial venture to make a greener solution to feed children babyfood and applesauce on the go.  She created Resqueeze” and it’s a simple, but ingenious concept.  It’s a squeezable bag with a heavy-duty Ziploc on one end and a closeable spout on the other.  Unscrew the cover, squeeze into mouth from the spout and viola – eating on the go.  Unzip the bottom, wash it out and refill for the next trip.

I like the idea. There are many solid arguments to make about slowing down and not eating on the go at all – but in my family’s reality of sports, religious school and music – my kids need something healthy to eat in the car. The product performed (they sent me four pouches to try – inspiring me to make my own applesauce to eat in the snazzy pouches).  They have recipes that look healthy and interesting.  The pouch is easy to fill and easy to clean – dishwasher safe. It seemed hard to tear – but I didn’t try to destroy the things. For my older kids, the cutesy design on the outside of the pouches wasn’t a big selling point – but they thought the reusability was cool. And I knew that I’d find them all over my house but now I can tell the kids to get ‘em, wash ‘em and fill ‘em.

You can learn more about Resqueezables at