Are you T1D Aware? Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes

I'm very lucky - my children are basically very healthy and don't get injured very often in spite of their best attempts. We give thanks for this luck every day. In the discussions about helicopter parenting and "failure to launch" (as well as kindergarten redshirting) the focus is on the potential problems. It's important for parents to be aware of real problems - such as Juvenile Diabetes type 1.

This week is the start of a T1D Awareness campaign to help parents identify if their young child has signs of type 1 juvenile diabetes.  This type of diabetes doesn't have to do with diet or obesity and it can show in young children.  T1D is serious and potentially deadly, but manageable.  

From the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation - signs of type 1 diabetes include:

  • Urinating more
  • Often thirsty
  • Feeling tired
  • Losing weight

Clearly there is a difference between feeling tired after a long day of camp versus sustained tiredness. T1D can be detected with a blood test if you observe these symptoms in your child.  To learn more, visit the JDRF facebook page and please spread the word to increase awareness of this treatable condition.