The linchpin for kosher, grass fed beef

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The key to locally raised, kosher grass fed beef is a kosher slaughter. And we don't have a kosher slaughterer (schohet) or slaughterhouse here in the Bay Area.  And until we proven there's demand to sustain such an enterprise, we probably won't. But there is a schohet in Los Angeles who comes to the Bay Area frequently - and with minimal effort, he and I connected. Rabbi Kagan is educating me about kosher slaughter AND grass fed beef.  Turns out, he's a strong advocate for grass fed beef.

He comes to the bay area because his son lives in Walnut Creek with the Walnut Creek Chabad House and his nephew is moving there. Rabbi Kagan is very committed to grass fed beef – for health and ethical reasons. So much so that he has a Los Angeles supply available. 

I have a lot to learn from Rabbi Kagan – but most importantly, he is a large animal schohet (i.e. he doesn’t handle chickens) and he is working with a ranch up here as well.  Hopefully we can partner to bring quality kosher grass fed beef to the community.

Rabbi Kagan did emphasize that you have to cook this beef differently – it’s very lean.  That means marinating, slow cooking and paying attention on the grill or stove top.  This beef is 30% leaner than conventional beef. Adding some healthy fats is sometimes desired.

Rabbi Kagan is exploring a line of pre-cooked products – rare roast beef you can cut and serve, for example. That’s an interesting extension – although my first priority is getting kosher local, grass fed beef in the hands of the Peninsula community at a competitive price. Then we'll do the pre-cooked to make it even better.

Rabbi Kagan has a problem - he cannot sell all the meat from his cows because Jewish law prohibits certain cuts - the round roast, for example.  So he asks me do I have "goyim" - non-Jews - who would be interested?  And I'm pretty sure that we have plenty of non-Jews who would be interested in this quality product. 

Holding Ranch and Marin Sun Farms are both educating me on the combinations of cuts that our community would expect to get through this process. And we'll definitely get some kosher slaughtered, non-kosher grass fed meat - for those who want the product and don't care about the kashruth.

Are you interested?  Let me know!