The quest for kosher, grass fed beef, third in a series

Seeing as Golden West isn’t grass fed (yet, but I’m hoping), I needed to widen my search on my quest for kosher, grass fed beef.  If you haven't read the start of the quest, click here.

Mollie Stone’s – sent an email request 7/12/10 to stock grass fed beef. No response yet.

HAMILTON, NEW ZEALAND - MAY 27:  Cows are seen on farming pasture on May 27, 2009 in the Waikato, New Zealand. The farming industry is awaiting the outcome of the New Zealand budget which will be delivered by the Minister of Finance Bill English on Thursday this week, and is expected to be a 'responsible budget', intended to protect New Zealand from the effects of the world recession and ready the economy for recovery.  (Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images)

Trader Joe’s – sent an email request 7/12/10 to stock grass fed beef.  They responded that their product steering committee will consider it. 

Family Bultman Ranch in Montana – a kosher slaughter of a single grass fed, Waygu beef cow is extremely expensive because the schochet (ritual slaughter) must be flow in. Offered to sell me the cow and leave the slaughter up to me. Sadly, not going to work (delicious product).

I reached out to the universe – CrossFit, my sister and my kosher buddies.  Still nothing – but here are the options.

KOLFoods  – 100% grass fed, kosher beef. Shipped from New York.  They have a CA buying club that delivers four times a year to a synagogue in San Francisco and you have 2.5 hours to pick it up or they give away your purchase.  An option, but the price of their product is easily 2-3x other kosher product.  It’s an option – for special occasions only. That’s kosher, grass fed for the rich.

Marin Sun Farms  is in Point Reyes and has a CSA for San Mateo.  Doesn’t do kosher – but I asked.  Left voice mail and email on 7/12/10.  Spoke with them today and we may have a solution.  But I have to find a schochet and get the schochet to MSF’s ranch.  Plus – we have to buy the whole cow (although MSF will take the non-kosher meat for their own sales channel).

Morris Grass Fed  is exploring Halal slaughter and based in San Juan Batista, CA.  Sent a note showing that Halal buyers will buy kosher, but kosher buyers cannot buy Halal.  Please go kosher.

Wise Organic Pastures was recommended by the Orthodox Union and they are orthodox kosher but they are “Grass-fed for nutritional superiority, grain-finished for flavor and tenderness”. But the grain-finishing unfortunately ruins the nutritional superiority of the meat!

Blackwing Quality Meats – has discontinued its line of kosher bison.

Snow Ranch Farms – kosher, organic and local – goat meat – in Lakeport, CA.

So I’m asking the universe.  I’d like to feed my family of six healthy meat twice a week without it being a $100+ per meal. Are you seeking the same?  Would you buy 100% grass fed, 100% kosher organic beef? 

I’m going on a squeegee hunt.  Gonna find a squeegee.  If you are laughing – I’m trying to bring kosher grass fed beef to our neighborhood!

Next up - the search for the schohet.