Chasing Rainbows

The flag football season just ended and my sons’ team lost every game. The parents were dejected and the coach went from frustrated to resigned, but it didn’t seem to bother the players.  They tried to win every game and it just didn’t work out.

In the middle of the season, there was an evening game during a storm.  The coach called it the “Ice Bowl”.  The boys played through the deluge.  And again, the coach found his team behind and he called a time out to discuss their next and most crucial play.

Look – there’s a rainbow.Image courtesy of

And the players stopped listening to the coach and all turned to see a spectacular rainbow.  Then they took the field…and scored their first touchdown of the game.

Even for peewee players – the pressure to perform becomes more important than the play at hand. By taking a moment to focus on the rainbow, the team settled down and did what came naturally.  Too often, we put too much focus on achievement and we miss what’s happening around us. I love rainbows and hummingbirds and I try to stop myself to watch either. Not sure my next play will be a touchdown, but somehow I always feel refreshed.

What makes you stop and reset?