Saluting the athletes' Moms

I'm overwhelmed already with the start of spring sports - which here in California overlaps with the tail end of winter sports and skiing. Imagine being the parent of a potential Olympian.

My children select one sport for each season and I made the dumb decision to add a second sport (Flag Football - which is a lot of fun, but adding to my stress) for February - April.  Baseball and Lacrosse (two boys, two sports) have started practices and games leaving me stressed about coordinating the weekends.

During the Winter Olympics we marveled at the athleticism of the competitors.  It was amazing that the 50K men's cross country (mass start) race resulted in a sprint for the last 100 meters.  The winner won by milliseconds after skiing for two hours. Shawn White flew; Lindsey Vonn and Bode Miller sped and the US Bobsled Team took gold after 60+ years.  And of course, USA Hockey enraptured the nation.

As I watched the sports with my children, there was an ad campaign that made me stop the TiVo DVR, rewind and watch, repeatedly.  It gave me pause and made me tear up. Proctor & Gamble, in a nearly wordless video montage, reminded all the viewers that every Olympian begins as a child athlete and behind every child athlete is an incredibly committed Mom (and likely Dad...but P&G was "sponsoring the Moms).

 Here's the :60 second version of the spot.

I'm amazed at what the parents of competitive athletes do to support their children. At the moment, I'm a little shell-shocked at what my family is doing to support our children in their community leagues. I remember my mother carpooling me to gymnastics, my sister to tennis, as well as community soccer and softball.  It was complicated, time consuming and stressful.  Until my own children started playing, I didn't fully appreciate it.  So - along with P&G - I'll salute the Moms (and Dads).  Thanks Mom!