Summer Bliss - top ten things we're loving about summer

 With the new school year looming, I can’t help but think about how much easier life has been over the summer.

1st – Camp is longer than Kindergarten. As of the 1st day of camp, I’ve had an extra 2 hours/day to get things done.

2nd – In some sick way, creating crazy car pools to get all of the kids where they need to be is challenging, but the sense of accomplishment is there too. Coordinating multiple car pools so you’re not on multiple drop-offs or pick-ups on the same day is even more rewarding.

3rd 6 hours of athletics makes for MUCH better behaved boys. Even for “typical” boys, this level of activity either drains them or regulates them. Both good outcomes. For MY boy, we’ve learned that this much activity makes him tremendously more enjoyable and capable. Fewer, less intense fights make for a happier family.

4th – Camp starts later than school. This means less rushing in the morning despite the need for 12 hours of sleep due to physical exhaustion.

5th – No homework.

6th – Fewer after-school activities means less running around for me. Car pools deliver my kids or I pick them up and I’m DONE.

7th – If you pick your camps right, they help your children develop important social skills and kids with any academic struggles get to be successful.

9th – Overnights (love them) and sleep away camp (can’t wait).

10th – Going on big roller coasters (the Demon!) with a 5-year-old is great fun.


What do you love about summer?