Please don't stop the music

My music collection, never the edgiest, stopped growing a couple years after I graduated college. There was a sudden influx of new music when my son was born – nursery rhymes, Disney lullabies and other “appropriate music”. As I planned a party for my husband’s birthday, it was very clear that I neither knew any of the fun, cool music nor owned anything later than the early 90s.

It’s not my plan to be one of those parents who complains about my kids’ music. I never really cared if other people liked my music and I don’t need to fake affection for songs in order to fit in with my kids. But I like to dance and sing and I needed to update my music library.Estelle - American Boy

At work, I asked the 20-somethings in the office but that didn’t really help. Too much variety in music tastes – harkening me back to my days at Firefly Network where we recommended music based on music you like. Luckily, I have an au pair and children who love music and they recommended their favorites – American Boy, Closer, I Kissed a Girl and Don’t Stop the Music.

Katy Perry - I Kissed a GirlWith those four songs, I started a Pandora playlist and played while I worked – thumbing up any songs that tickled my fancy. From Pandora, you can buy on iTunes. For about $40, I created a modern playlist. I try to update the music every month or so with 4-5 songs to add to the playlist and the classics.Rihanna - Don't stop the Music

And I know it’s cool – because when I was driving 4 teenage girls around San Francisco, we put on the playlist and after stunned silence, the girls announced I was the coolest Mom they knew – and it was because my kids inspired me to modernize. We dance regularly to the new songs we discover together.  Try it – it’s fun!

How did your kids make you more fun?