I'm the pumpkin

This week our sons are in the mountains with their grandparents and our au pair. Our daughter is home with us – her first time having mom and dad all to herself. And our first time just having a daughter in the house.

Every time I interact with her – I’m amazed at the hard-wired, inherent differences between girls and boys. For example:

  1.  She owns more shoes RIGHT NOW than the boys have owned in the last 3 years, combined.
  2. She loves her shoes.
  3. She has an opinion on what she wears – even down to the rubber band in her crazy hair.
  4. She knows that if she pouts and smiles just right, her Dad will melt.
  5. She will not be distracted from her task or desire with a ball, a doll or anything else.

I’m sure you all have a list of the differences between sons and daughters. One of my current favorite stories is that we call her “pumpkin” in affection. A few weeks ago, I was spending the day with my sister and her kids (as well as my kids) and I affectionately called my niece “pumpkin”. Ariel looks down at me and says “She’s not the pumpkin. I’m the pumpkin.” And her face said – don’t push me on this topic. This is not something the boys would have noticed - let alone claimed as their own.

She notices that her brothers aren’t home and asks “where are my boys”? When we called them on the phone, she just had to talk to them and say that she loves them. She and I will solo starting tomorrow night and I’m sure I’m going to learn all sorts of new wonders of girls. What are your favorite distinctions?