Ode to School/Camp Busing

Here in California, we don't really have busing for school or camp. So - we all drive our kids to school and camp. It's not like California isn't congested or ostensibly "green". Today I drove 15 miles to one camp (with an 8:45 - 9:10 drop off zone) and back tracked 10 miles to another camp (this child isn't old enough for the first camp) with a 9 - 9:10 drop off zone. Arg!

Suffice to say - tonight I figured out carpools since teleportation hasn't been invented and I believe I tested the limits of the CHP with today's adventure.

I remember being picked up around 7:00 am for the bus to camp every day - we were usually the first stop. We drove for 90 minutes picking up campers and working our way to camp. We arrived between 8:30 - 8:50 for a full day of camp and started the trek home at 3:30 (arriving around 5:30 - usually after sleeping on the bus). It was a little boring, but that's part of the learning - making do during the down time. And for school, with sun, rain, snow - we waited on the corner for the bus. Mom only drove when we were running late and, gulp, missed the bus. It made getting my driver's license truly sweet - no more buses. But man,20 years later, I really wish there were buses for my kids.