Dang, a non-working dryer makes a mess

This is a consumer warning - my LG DLG3788W gas dryer, owned for under 3 years, has stopped working again. This is the 6th time in under 3 years. With a young and large family, its obvious that the washer/dryer is a key appliance. Living without a microwave is easy, but losing the dryer makes a real mess.

So - what are the probable causes of this poor performance:
1. LG Dryers are poorly built
2. My LG Dryer is poorly built
3. The service technicians do not expedite parts to ensure rapid repair.

I don't know if it's all LG Gas dryers - I know that I won't buy another one. And a message to GE Extended Warranty - poor service from the technician (in our case, South Bay Appliance in San Jose, CA) reflects upon you. The South Bay Technician was on time, polite and knowledgeable. But his company doesn't order parts same day and doesn't expedite parts. And all their parts go to Modesto (two hours away from my home) and have to be driven by the owner to the tech in San Jose. And this is the only option from GE...

I appreciate that South Bay Appliance has to run their business - but I paid for the dryer and the warranty to expect to be able to DRY CLOTHES. When a part arrived broken and South Bay Appliance re-ordered it - even then it wasn't expedited. My Kenmore dryer held up much better and if this LG fails again - it's getting tossed (and GE is willing to replace it, they say, if it fails again - apparently 5 failures in 3 years constitutes general failure).

Check out my review....

Thanks for listening - avoid LG!