Taylor and professional football

Our younger son has milked his birthday for every last moment (good job). Starting with the day before Thanksgiving - cupcakes at school. Thanksgiving Day was his birthday - family cake. And his party was Dec. 2 so that people were in town - more cake. And presents from Thanksgiving to today thanks to e-commerce and the postal service. I am curious how to eliminate one of the three baking experiences from this mix - I don't remember getting three cakes (ok, the school was cupcakes)...but I am sure my Mom did it too. And I bought the third cake...

So, today he received a present in the mail from his Grandpa who knows that Taylor likes to play and watch football. So, he sent a 49ers jersey - official NFL gear. And it was for Alex Smith - the quarterback for the 49ers. Needed the husband's help to know that one. This morning, wearing his new jersey, Taylor asks his Dad if he can play professional football. Neal explained that with a lot of practice, hard work and luck, maybe Taylor could play professional football. Naturally, he wanted to know if Daddy did it - no. And Daddy says that not many people get to play professional football. And Taylor looks at him and says - "but Daddy, I have my jersey already". Got to love that.

Birthday season is over for five months in my house. My sister's December celebrations are yet to come. And then, in March, Ariel turns one. There really should be a ceremony where the parents of a one year old acknowledge that they still like each other, still love the baby, and - in our case - make their public commitment to being done. They're all amazing and she's trying to crawl every day. I admire her determination. Oh, her biggest brother Benjamin told me tonight that it's too hard being the biggest brother to a brother and a sister - how can he ever keep them all safe? I reminded him that it's Mommy and Daddy's job to keep them safe - we appreciate his help, but we don't expect him to take care of his siblings all the time. Love that responsible first child thing.